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Chris is a great Electrician and he's not too bad with technology.  He is also a new Dad, renovating his own home and very busy.  With all that he has to do at work and at home, he hasn't got the time or patience to post anything or even figure out what to post.

The Challenge

Chris felt that being a self employed electrician didn't lend itself to Social Media.  Who wants to see pictures of circuit boards and wiring?  He also felt that as a sole trader, he really couldn't offer much to post.  He had tried a Facebook page, but was having difficulty remembering to post and know what to post.

What We Did

We created a simply landing Webpage for Ambit Electrical, got him a professional email address (hotmail wasn't going to work!) and then proceeded to upgrade his Google Business Page, Google Plus site and Facebook.  We have brought these together with the same branding and look.  Then we created LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, linking everything together with posts and branding.
What We Achieved

We have shown Chris that circuit boards are interesting to the people looking for a great electrician and that other areas of his work can really be beautiful and worthy of Pinterest. He now has an integrated Social Media presence and we post for him regularly, building his client base and inspiring his current clients.  He has been invigorated by the whole process, sending us photos and updates regularly.  But he has also gained more time for his family and left the social media management to us.
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