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Don't know where to start?
Leave It To US



Haven't got the time or the inclination to set up your company on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.)?  Or are you too busy to post anything on your sites?  Don't know what to say?  Leave It To US.....We can do it for you.

We have the skills and experience to help create and maintain your social media platforms. 

We are CPD Accredited for Social Media Management and have extensive contacts and a large knowledge base to keep you up to date with a strong digital presence.


We will set you up on as many or as few social media platforms as you like.  We will post for you - you just have to let us know what you are up to and text us a few photos.  We will forward and answer any comments or queries.  We will monitor all your sites for you.  Leave It To US.


What can we do for you and why choose us? We keep it simple, we keep it yours, and we are here to help. We are happy if you want to keep it small and we are excited if you want to try everything.  


Litus Digital is a local business that wants to help other local business achieve their full potential. Simply by using Social Media sites, businesses can attract new clients, interact and inspire current clients and build strong Brand reputations. Often small businesses don't have the time or the knowledge to manage this. Litus Digital can, we know the setups, we know what works and we can do it all.

What we know

Getting your company on social media is now essential! We deal with all the platforms and know the tricks and pitfalls.  We are keeping up with all the changes and statistics. Leave It To US.


“We haven't got time to worry about Webpages, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. I trust Fiona and Steph to keep everything update to date and keep JIB Glass current.”
Robert Service / JIB Glass Services Ltd
“I don't like the internet.  But I need to keep in touch with all my students and parents. Fiona and Steph manage everything for me and I don't have to worry”
Andrea Young / Jacaranda Ballet School
“I want to inspire my clients and contact new clients. Litus Digital handles all my digital platforms. All I have to do is send photos or let them know what I am doing” 
Chris Annalls / Ambit Electrical
"We would recommend Litus Digital and their friendly , reliable service. We have definitely gained more business, and also got ourselves more talked about on Social Media with Litus Digital's help. Plus the added bonus is that Fiona and Steph are lovely ladies."
Jayne Tarrant / Just Teasin Hair Design
"Fiona and Steph have created a new fresh look for my website and really given me a more professional presence on Social Media.  I trust them to look after everything for me"
Richard Wheeler / The Landyman
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